It is DAG Rosenstein – not the President – who is Behaving like Nixon If Rosenstein Held in Contempt, Trump Fully Justified in Firing Him

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Apr 18, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Democrats desperately want Donald Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Should Trump do so, Democrats will be able to point to the infamous Saturday Night Massacre on October 20, 1973. After Special prosecutor Archibald Cox subpoenaed Richard Nixon’s tapes, the president ordered his Attorney General (AG) to fire Cox. AG Elliot Richardson refused and resigned. So too did Deputy AG William Ruckelshaus.

Ultimately, Solicitor General Robert Bork did Nixon’s dirty work and fired Cox.

As a result, Congress was furious with Nixon and impeachment was in play. The president was stonewalling and covering up. He was in damage control mode, protecting the ugly truth from Congress.

Hence, Trump should not fire Mueller.

However, if Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray are held in contempt of Congress, Trump would be derelict if he didn’t fire them. Moreover, he would also short-circuit the argument Democrats so desperately want to make.

Rosenstein and Wray are the ones Acting Like Nixon

FBI Director Wray (L) and DAG Rosenstein (R)

Congress – specifically the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) – have been after documents for a year. Rosenstein and Wray have been stonewalling at every turn. Last week, we learned that HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is on the verge of suggesting a contempt vote and even impeaching them.

Why? Because they’re doing exactly what Nixon was doing. They are stonewalling and ignoring subpoenas.

Should Rosenstein and Wray be held in contempt, impeached or both, Trump would be perfectly justified in firing both me. In fact, by doing so, Trump would be showing respect for separation of powers and a co-equal branch of government.

If anything, Congress should thank Trump for doing such a thing.

Especially relevant is that Trump would actually be defending Congressional authority and oversight.

It is not Trump who is covering up the origins of the now dubious Russia investigation; it is his subordinates.

Hence, he should fire them.

Doing so after the men are held in contempt or impeached would only serve to make Trump’s case stronger.

Nixon issued ultimatums to his subordinates until one of them protected him from Special prosecutor Cox. Today, Congress is issuing ultimatums to Trump’s subordinates.

Consequently, if Trump doesn’t fire disgraced subordinates, Congress should be furious.

DOJ and FBI are Disgraced Institutions

Trump fired FBI Director Comey. However, he did so at the request of Rosenstein. He did not do so in an effort to cover anything up.


Today, Rosenstein is doing just that – stonewalling to coverup Deep State actions.

The Inspector General recommended that AG Jeff Sessions fire Deputy FBI Director McCabe for lying under oath. Trump did not do that, which makes the scenario diametrically opposed from what Nixon did.

Wray, whom Trump named as Comey’s successor is not stonewalling the release of documents to protect Trump. He’s doing so to protect the institution he leads.

Consequently, Congress should be furious not with Trump but with individuals who are behaving as Nixon did – Trump’s subordinates.

Furthermore, Trump has no interest in protecting those subordinates.

In fact, firing Republican Rosenstein should be seen as quintessential non-partisanship from Trump.

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