Deep State Learning From Its Mistakes as McCabe Faces Indictment If Ex-Deputy FBI Director Indicted, DOJ will Prevent a Watergate Repeat

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By Ben Barrack

On the eve of his firing as Deputy FBI Director last year, Andrew McCabe said that if he went down, others would as well. This, according to Sara Carter at the time:

As the Watergate scandal was breaking open, one of the burglars – James McCord – did the same thing. He wrote the following in a letter to Jack Caulfield, the man who hired him for the operation:

“Sorry to have to write you this letter but felt you had to know. If Helms (CIA Director) goes, and if the WG (Watergate) operation is laid at the CIA’s feet, where it does not belong, every tree in the forest will fall. It will be a scorched desert. The whole matter is at the precipice right now. Just pass the message that if they want it to blow, they are on exactly the right course. I’m sorry that you will get hurt in the fallout.”

Soon thereafter, McCord was found guilty of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping. Within weeks, he carried out his threat and the Watergate scandal was officially born.

While in jail, McCord wrote a letter to judge John Sirica, while awaiting sentencing. In it, McCord made it clear that he was forced to lie and that he was concerned for his safety if he told the truth.

Below are two screenshots with annotations for emphasis, of McCord’s letter:

Page 1 of McCord’s letter to Sirica

Page 2 of McCord’s letter to Sirica

Who pressured McCord to lie?

Ironically, McCord did not trust the Department of Justice (DOJ) or FBI. Most noteworthy is McCabe should be in a similar position today. McCord feared for the safety of himself and his family. McCabe should be in a similar position today. There are many people above him that cannot afford him to give them up. James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama all come to mind.

One of Caulfield’s underlings was a man named Tony Ulasewicz. A bit higher up the food chain sat a man named John Dean. It was actually Dean who decided to pay hush money to the burglars, of which McCord was one.

Herbert W. Kalmbach and John Dean decided that Ulasewicz was the best man to deliver the “hush money”. He admitted later that he gave Dorothy Hunt a total of $154,000. This was to be passed on to those members of Operation Gemstone who had been arrested and awaiting trial.

There you have it. Dean was part of the Watergate coverup; a coverup that McCord exposed. Yet, earlier this year, CNN decided to give Dean a platform to impugn President Donald Trump as the now infamous Robert Mueller report was being released.

In one appearance, Dean appeared with Anderson Cooper. In light of Dean’s role in the attempt to coverup Watergate, listen to him attack Trump (and then audio of Trump attacking Dean):

The same man who pressured McCord to stay quiet has now aligned himself with Mueller and the Deep State against Trump. In much the same way, the Deep State wants people like McCabe to stay quiet, even if jailed. Has McCabe been getting “hush money” in the form of book deals and a CNN gig?

What Now?

CNN has hired McCabe and featured Dean prominently in its defense of Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Unfortunately, the Deep State has learned from the McCord experience. It will no doubt recalibrate its dealings with McCabe accordingly. That is, even if McCabe is ever indicted; there is significant reason to question that.

For example, McCord outed the Watergate scandal by confiding in a judge. However, when it comes to this most recent scandal, the judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) are implicated. They signed four FISA warrant applications that allowed the DOJ, FBI and CIA to spy on Trump’s campaign and presidency.

Consider that Attorney General William Barr has been a “fixer” for the Deep State for decades. In the 1980’s, he allegedly covered up for both the Bushes and the Clintons in Mena, Arkansas.

That leads to another entity that is exposed in FISA-gate that was not during Watergate – the CIA.

During his time covering up the Mena operation, Barr was the right-hand man of CIA Director William Casey.

The Deep State will not allow McCabe to do to it what McCord did. As a result, McCabe will be afforded protections that McCord was not.

The Deep State does indeed learn from its mistakes.

Andrew McCabe (L) and James McCord (R)

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