CNN (#FakeNews) Defending Trump’s National Security Adviser McMaster – WHY? CNN's Defense of H.R. McMaster YET ANOTHER Red Flag about his Loyalty to President

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By Ben Barrack

It’s no secret that CNN despises Donald Trump. They’ve been lying, cheating and stealing to knock him out of office since the inauguration. So why is Jake Tapper going out of his way to defend Trump’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster?

The answer should be obvious. McMaster is anti-Trump too. During a recent panel discussion that included #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol and Kirsten Powers with Tapper, all defended McMaster. As was the case when the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) defended McMaster, the defense of McMaster by these three figures speaks volumes all by itself.

The mainstream media (MSM), which includes CNN, is part of the Washington establishment; that’s the charge of Trump’s supporters. In addition to the MSM, this establishment includes globalists, as well as Muslim Brotherhood members, groups and apologists. All of these figures and spokesmen have defended McMaster while having open contempt for Trump.

If you were Trump, wouldn’t you stop and ask why that is?

As reported here, the political rap sheet on McMaster is long. McMaster has even been connected to billionaire George Soros. This defense of him by CNN only adds to that rap sheet.

Has CNN ever defended Trump? What does it then mean to see it defend McMaster, who has reportedly opposed every aspect of the Trump agenda?

McMaster Defended by Susan Rice

It was recently learned that McMaster sent a signed letter via the US Mail to former National Security Adviser Susan Rice in late April. The letter granted Rice continued top security clearance less than one month after Trump implied Rice had committed crimes. In a sane world, that’s an unforgivable betrayal.

In the wake of the revelation, Rice too defended McMaster (are we seeing a trend here?), via The Hill:

Rice told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that it is a precedent observed by both Democratic and Republican administrations to renew the security clearance of former advisers, saying that those critical of her renewed security clearance were trying to “make an issue where there’s not one.”

“Gen. McMaster, according to the White House statement, renewed the security clearances of all of his former advisers and living presidents of the United States. That is customary to do when a new administration comes in, and all of the prior ones have done the same,” Rice said.

It is precisely those types of customs and precedents that the American people elected Trump to stop. Besides, if it was such an open and customary practice, why did McMaster try to hide it and send it via U.S. mail?

Why does someone like Rice get favorable treatment before getting investigated for potential crimes that actually involve misuse of… a security clearance?

Yet, Trump continues to stand behind McMaster.

Again, why?

If McMaster Goes, So Should his Deputy

Were McMaster to be fired, his deputy – Dina Powell – would actually be worse. In fact, her connections to MSM figures as well as individuals in the inner circles of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are staggering. In June of 2014, Powell shared a stage with Valerie Jarrett and the Obamas at the United State of Women conference. Among other things, the conference was clearly intended to rally support for Hillary in the November election.

Powell sat on the Board of a Hillary Clinton operation, Vital Voices in 2007. She joined Hillary at the Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2013.

Powell is also good friends with Mika Brzezinski. It was Brzezinski who allegedly got Powell a job in the Trump White House.

Powell is close with both Jarrett and close Hillary aide, Huma Abedin, a Muslim with strong Muslim Brotherhood alliances.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Powell and McMaster are the primary leakers.

In the Washington, DC swamp it’s often very hard to divine what the loyalties of people are. However, when it comes to McMaster and Powell, it’s beyond obvious that their loyalties are not to the president.

The evidence is clear they are serving the establishment Trump claims to eschew.

The loyalties of McMaster and Powell aren’t the biggest mystery.

The biggest mystery is why Trump continues to retain them in the face of overwhelming evidence that their loyalties are not to him; they are to the establishment.

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