Bureaucracy spawns Unstoppable Vampires that have no soul Our only hope is to drain the swamp and stop rewarding bad behavior.

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Jul 14, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Bureaucracy Destroys Initiative.

Let’s examine what is happening to our nation, our freedoms and our quest for morality! While most of us agree there is a need for rules, regulations, order and civility; the extremists twist these concepts to build bureaucracy, self enrichment and power. 

We should be clear that bureaucracies exist not only in the houses of government but in public education, healthcare and within huge businesses that seek to monopolize markets.

Any way you look at it the individual taxpayer, the student, the patient, the consumer and small businesses are helpless when facing these unstoppable vampires that have no soul.

What has happened is the simple fact that 70 percent these same victims are now employed by or on the dole of these bureaucratic organizations.

Herein lies the point about the destruction of initiative… these individuals have become “mind numbed robots” to coin a phrase. They have been engulfed into these systems that put money in one hand and take it out of the other. It might be called the “Bureaucratic Cycle of Life” for most of these people are content to stay captive to the behemoth that sustains them.

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Therefore you see fewer and fewer principled people speak out in opposition to the bureaucracies because they are part of the fabric that not only binds them but smothers them. These living breathing bureaucracies breed hypocrisy, lie to justify their actions, and create strong crony relationships that support their existence.

Never in history has the bureaucracy used the media so effectively to promote its false narrative like we are witnessing now.

The majority of media outlets have lost all sense of integrity and thus have become a cesspool of misinformation, agitation, rumors and premeditated brainwashing. As more and more people believe the garbage promoted primarily by so called left wing journalists… the entrenched bureaucracies consume more power from this phony source of news. Lets not forget that selective reporting is also a tactic of mind control for the perpetually uninformed.

Have you ever noticed that bureaucracies never shrink unless there is a massive changing of the guard?

Therefore entrenched career politicians at the top of the food chain must go… term limits would ensure elected officials are never eligible for retirement benefits at any level. The massive waste, fraud and abuse of resources must be attacked as it is actually a crime against the people.

Responsibility and accountability for high ranking officials for breaches in ethics, security, collusion and the violation of public trust must not be tolerated and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Illegal immigration feeds the bureaucracy just as the bureaucracy feeds it… once again the taxpaying citizen is forced to deal with the fallout of people that have no desire to assimilate.

Entitlement programs, minimum wage issues and divisive cultural mandates only serve to further isolate the people and destroy their initiative to be productive members of society.

The government has no business in healthcare as this is a component of the free market where affordable care only comes from competition and creative cooperation not subsidies and the total chaos which is the hallmark of all bureaucracies and the wealth channels they create.

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Our only hope is to drain the swamp, stop rewarding bad behavior, secure the borders and regain control of the runaway expansion of the bureaucracies destroying the initiative of the American people.

Can it be done? … only God knows!

Sid Frasier writes about politics for WBDaily.

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