AG Jeff Sessions Showing Symptoms of James Comey Syndrome While Obstructing Justice, both Sessions and Comey Pontificate About How Much Integrity They Have

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By Ben Barrack

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is behaving like former FBI Director James Comey. As such, he’s afflicted with cognitive dissonance. Despite this, there is now a school of thought which says Sessions is just playing high level jujitsu.

The American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson writes:

I have a strong suspicion that the current kerfuffle between President Trump and Jeff Sessions is part of a strategy, not merely – as the left has it – a rogue president shockingly, immaturely, and inappropriately attacking his attorney general on Twitter.

Uh, no.

Sometimes, face value is all there is; this is one of those times. Hence, Sessions is in over his head and Trump is legitimately angry with him. It’s just that simple.

First of all, unless Sessions is going to indict the real criminals like Hillary, DNC leadership, his Deputy Rod Rosenstein, Deputy FBI Director Anndrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr and of course Comey, et. al., he’s abdicating his oath.

Instead of doing those things, Sessions responded to Trump’s tweet with a statement of his own:

“We have initiated the appropriate process that will ensure complaints against this Department will be fully and fairly acted upon if necessary,” Sessions said in a statement. “As long as I am the Attorney General, I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.”

Sessions’ Behavior

Sessions prides himself on being a man of integrity. Especially relevant is how people perceive his behavior. He looks like a man incapable of allowing his integrity to overcome his inability to demonstrate it when the stakes are high. Right now, they couldn’t be higher.

On February 2nd, House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) Chair, Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) memo was released. On that very day, Sessions publicly praised Rosenstein for having the “kind of quality and leadership” the American people want in the Department of Justice (DOJ).

That statement by Sessions precisely undermines the integrity he wants you and I to believe that he has. Rosenstein is provably a co-conspirator in the plot to undermine Trump by deceiving a FISA court; Rosenstein signed one of the FISA applications based on the bogus Steele dossier, to destroy Trump.

Nunes Memo Implicates Rosenstein as co-Conspirator in Watergate 2.0

In addition to responding to Trump’s tweet deriding him for his behavior, Sessions also went to dinner with Rosenstein that very evening at the Central Michel Richard restaurant. It marked the second time in the same month that Sessions expressed solidarity with those he should be holding accountable, at precisely the wrong times; that is not a sign of integrity.

Most noteworthy is that Sessions’ fall back position when called out is the need to bolster his own bonafides as a man of integrity. If he were truly playing tagteam jujitsu with Trump, why wouldn’t he go all the way? Why would he bother attempting to assure everyone that he’s a man of integrity?

If this is about good cop/bad cop, he wouldn’t be assuring us that he is a good cop.

The evidence suggests that Sessions is either in over his head or part of the establishment cabal.

How Sessions is like Comey

Like Rosenstein, former FBI Director James Comey obstructed justice. He blew the Hillary Clinton investigation on so many levels, there’s no need to chronicle them here.

Consequently, Comey is corrupt. Yet, he passionately wants the American people to think of him in opposite terms. It’s one reason why he’s publishing a book entitled, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership”. In reality, Comey is suffering from cognitive dissonance.

So is Jeff Sessions.

Comey’s MIs-Named Book Title

Both men may want to do the right thing while simultaneously feeling incapable of doing so.

Unfortunately, the downside for both men is that Comey did have the power and Sessions does (for now). As much as they would have you believe that integrity is what they value most, facts say otherwise.

Facts tell us that each man values self-preservation and the path of least resistance more.

History as a Guide

Last year, Sessions proved to all of us why he cannot be trusted to do the right thing when he announced that the DOJ would not prosecute the IRS’s Lois Lerner.

Consequently, Sessions demonstrated a lack of integrity, not an abundance of it. If ever someone deserved to be prosecuted, it’s Lerner. Yet, Sessions decided not to. In doing so, he sided with the very same establishment he protects when he praises Rosenstein publicly on the same day the Nunes memo was released and then has dinner with him on the same day Trump calls him out.

In 2013, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts was the deciding vote in favor of Obamacare. Establishmentarian George Will implied this didn’t mean what we thought it meant. Roberts was playing high level jujitsu too.

Uh, no.

With Sessions as the AG, the best we can hope for is a repeat of a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. That committee’s formation did not result from then Speaker John Boehner having integrity. It resulted from a constant level of pressure from the public.

In May of 2014, those wanting a select committee, got one. They were even more excited when Boehner appointed Tea Party firebrand Trey Gowdy as chairman. Hopes were soon dashed – though some didn’t realize it – when a man named Philip Kiko became the Executive Director.

The committee failed and delivered a watered down version of the truth in its final report that allowed left-wing publications to defend Clinton. A New York Times headline blared: House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton.

That report is difficult to find today. Here is an archived version.

The DOJ held no one accountable.

Benghazi Investigation opened a Larger Door

While Obama administration officials did not pay a price for Benghazi, the investigation is responsible for discovering Hillary’s private email server. The State Department identified off-the-grid email addresses. Consequently, the email server scandal was born.

As was the case in every scandal since Watergate, no one was punished.

However, Comey destroyed his own integrity on July 5, 2016 when he assumed the role of AG and publicly announced no one would be prosecuted. In so doing, Comey admitted that leadership at the FBI was littered with keystone cops.

Hillary’s email server scandal was much more difficult to cover-up than was Benghazi. Comey was ultimately fired by Trump for how he handled the investigation.

Just as the Benghazi scandal morphed into the Email scandal, so too did the email scandal morph into the Trump/Russia scandal. Beginning in July of 2016, the Democratic Party – along with Hillary – began to undermine Trump. While colluding with Russians, Hillary and the Democrats accused the Trump campaign and administration of doing so.

Rosenstein was even part of it.

Comey failed to extricate himself from corruption when he let Hillary off the hook because it was so obvious that she committed very serious crimes.

If AG Sessions attempts to do the same thing with the surveillance scandal, which implicates high level DOJ and FBI officials, he will become even more like Comey than he already is.

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