FISA Court Judge Who Was DUPED By James Comey Now PROTECTING James Comey After Being LIED TO by FBI, FISA Court Should Be ANGRY But Instead Protecting FBI

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By Ben Barrack

FISA Court Judge James Boasberg

The FBI deceived FISA Court Judge James Boasberg. Or did it? The FISA Memo authored by the House Intelligence Committee and released by Donald Trump would seem to prove it. However, Boasberg’s actions on the day Trump released the memo are curious.

On the very day that the public got to read the FISA Memo, Boasberg said it could not read the memos penned by ex-FBI Director James Comey. Those memos detail the contents of conversations between Comey and Trump.

Via the Daily Caller:

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg, who ruled in favor of the FBI’s request to keep the Comey memos secret, also sits on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The FISA court is the same court that approved the surveillance on Trump associates.

Boasberg refused to release the documents on the basis they were still being used by special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of the alleged Russian collusion with Trump associates.

The FISA Memo makes clear that the FBI deceived the FISA Court, to include Boasberg. It did so by withholding extremely pertinent facts in its applications to the court. As a result, FISC (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) granted warrants to the FBI so that the FBI could spy on Trump campaign officials. The ensuing surveillance ultimately led to Mueller’s investigation.

Yet, disrupting that investigation, led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, was Boasberg’s reason for not releasing Comey’s memos.

Especially relevant is that the FISA process Boasberg was part of, helped give birth to Mueller’s investigation. As such, Boasberg was an integral part of a seriously corrupt process. One way to make that right would be for Boasberg to order the release of Comey’s memos.

In addition, as a human being who was deceived in such a manner, Boasberg should be livid.

Instead, he’s behaving like someone who was a co-conspirator in that corrupt process and not a victim of it.

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