Trump PREDICTED Evelyn Farkas and Susan Rice BOMBSHELLS During Tucker Carlson Interview What is the Level of Trump Administration Involvement in Putting Obama Administration on Defense?

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By Ben Barrack

I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.” – Donald Trump, 3/15/17

Moment Farkas hears “Felony”

During an interview with Tucker Carlson on March 15th, President Donald Trump was asked why he doesn’t just release evidence that corroborates his claim that the Obama administration surveilled him. The claim, made by Trump via twitter on March 4th, set off explosions within mainstream media.

As part of his response, Trump plotted a point in the future – precisely two weeks into the future.

Just 13 days later – on March 28th – the Gateway Pundit published an obscure, overlooked excerpt of an interview with Evelyn Farkas on Morning Joe that took place on March 2nd (yes, just two days before Trump’s March 4th tweet). In that excerpt Farkas – a former official in Obama’s Department of Defense – essentially admitted to being well aware that team Trump was being spied on.

Here is the audio only:

Then, just two days later, Farkas appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and not only contradicted her earlier statements but looked extremely scared. Watch her eyes when she is asked about her March 2nd interview at the 2:50 mark:

Here is the audio only:

Then, also within the two week time frame referenced by Trump, Mike Cernovich tweeted another bombshell – this time much bigger – on April 2nd. Cernovich revealed that it was former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice who unmasked the names of Trump officials. Without proper cause, doing such a thing is a felony.

On March 22nd, Judy Woodruff interviewed Rice about the claims by Trump of surveillance generally and on the act of unmasking specifically. Note how Rice completely denies any knowledge of unmasking:

Here is the audio only:

Whereas Farkas gave up the ghost and then denied doing so, Rice denied knowledge of unmasking and then was revealed to have been the one to order it. All of this happened within the two-week span Trump promised the American people on March 15th.

In a clear attempt to mitigate the damage, Rice went on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell on April 4th. In so doing, Rice appeared nervous and quite possibly put herself in more legal jeopardy:

Coincidence or not, Trump was either incredibly prescient in his interview with Tucker on March 15th or he knew what his administration was about to do.

By all indications, this isn’t over by a long shot and it’s only going to get worse for the Obama administration that is no longer in office.

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