University of Texas professor Robert Jensen would tear down the American system If Jensen has three cows, does he give a cow to his neighbor who has no cows?

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By Lynn Woolley

If there is a poster boy for left-wing nutcase college professors, surely he is Robert Jensen. Jensen is a so-called journalism professor.

What he really is boggles the imagination.

In a sweeping op-ed piece, Jensen eschews the term “liberal.” By his own admission, he is to the left of being a simple, garden variety progressive. Jensen would like to blow up the capitalist system that has made America exceptional – and that has given him the freedom to spew his venom.

Robert Jensen

So he’d get rid of the free market system. He’d close military bases overseas so that the United States could not assert its “raw power” over other countries. Sounding like a socialist, he would implement a “worker cooperative movement.”

He supports single payer, government controlled healthcare, and he’s a radical environmentalist. As a UT graduate, I see him as an embarrassment to the University.

Jensen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Conservatives control the State Legislature and all the top positions in state government including the governorship. It doesn’t matter. Whether it’s tenure, left-wing trustees, a left-wing administration, or whatever – this Communist will continue to influence students with his hatred of the American system.

One of two things must be true. Either he can’t be fired, or nobody at the University has any desire to fire him. Either way, he continues to teach a far leftist agenda to his students – and he’s confident enough in his job security that he’s willing to put his beliefs in writing.

Video: Jensen as a radical feminist

Here are a couple of excerpts:

“Capitalism is an unjust wealth-concentrating system that is ecologically unsustainable. Either we transcend the pathology of capitalism or dystopian science fiction will become everyday life in the no-so-distant future. There is no credible defense of the obscene inequality or disregard for the large living world that’s inherent in capitalism.”

If this is what he’s teaching students at UT, no wonder our country is so screwed up with young people who have no clue as to the freedoms and the blessings provided to those of us who live in America.

I might suggest to brother Jensen that he try Russia or Venezuela – both countries that are more suitable to his preferences. I’d like to see him try to teach in their universities and against their political systems. They’d throw him in a ditch – but wait! He AGREES with their systems, so why doesn’t he move there? Easy! No tenure and not enough money in his salary package.

It makes you wonder! How much does Jensen make and how much does he give away in harmony with his socialist viewpoints? Does he have a “golden parachute?” Does he work in a soup line in his spare time? If he has three cows, does he give a cow to his neighbor who has no cows?

Video: Jensen discusses the relationship of hyper-mediated culture and mass-marketed consumption to social and ecological crises. Huh?

Here’s another Jensen jewel:

“The assertion by the U.S. that it’s the world exemplar and a natural leader is a dangerous delusion that must yield to meaningful diplomacy and trade policies based on moral principles, not raw power. There is no hope for global cooperation when the U.S. maintains hundreds of military bases and facilities in other countries, designed not for defense but to assert U.S. dominance.”

Attention, President Trump! We’ve found your ambassador to North Korea! (Assuming Ron Paul turns the job down.)

This is typical Jensen. Full of hatred for the one nation that has been a stabilizing force in the world, that helped win two world wars so that Jensen never had to learn German, and today is facing down the twin threats of radical Islam and North Korea.

Jensen wants a “worker cooperative program” to establish worker-owned and worker-managed businesses within capitalism to offer a model for transition out of capitalism. Frankly, he sounds like Marx and Engels. His op-ed piece is a sort of “Communist Manifesto,” essentially calling for an overthrow of our system.

One wonders if Jensen has ever been a community organizer.

Video: Robert Jensen The Color of the Race Problem Is White”

Jensen also gets into such things as “white supremacy” and “sustainability.”

If there is a far-left whack-job idea – Jensen is for it. He states that the history of white supremacy cannot be untangled from the history of capitalism in both Europe and the U.S. He believes the rich use race to suppress workers organizations by offering white workers a sense of racial superiority so that they focus their anger at non-white people rather than the bosses.

I am NOT making this up. This is coming from a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He may be teaching your kids. Here’s how he refers to himself:

“I call myself an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist leftist rooted in a critique of white supremacy and a radical feminist critique of patriarchy.”

Let me see if I understand what he’s saying. Free markets bad! U.S. military power bad! White people bad! Men bad!

Of course, no good leftist of any stripe would write a long column without using some form of the word “sustainable.”

Jensen does not disappoint.

“Modern humans’ arrogance put us all at risk. The naive assumptions of the high-energy and high-technology industrial world – especially the idea that we can solve all problems with more energy-intensive technology—must be abandoned as we struggle to understand how many people can live sustainably on the planet.”

Jensen would be at home in the world of “The Waveries,” a 1945 story by Frederic Brown. The story posits that aliens composed of energy invade earth and eat all the electricity. At the end of the story, instead of finding a way to defeat the Waveries, humankind is happy to return to the horse-and-buggy days of the Old West. They lived happily ever after in Jensen-world.

Jensen closes by urging us not to be logical, but to get radical.

The problems of our country and the world, he believes, can only be solved by “going to the root” and weeding out everything that has made America great. Honestly, there are a lot of contemporary Democrats and socialists who have similar beliefs – and not just Bernie Sanders. I see a lot of Barack Obama in Robert Jensen – and yet, the major accomplishment along socialist/Communist utopian thought was Obamacare. That hasn’t worked out well.

Socialism and Communism led to the demise of the Soviet Union. It has led to poverty and violence in modern day Venezuela. It always leads to tyranny, starvation, heartbreak, and war. Jensen should know this, but he appears ignorant of the world around him.

He is a fine example of a coddled academic with a protected source of income who is sheltered by the very system he wants to destroy.

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