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Jun 29, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

This is a massive undertaking because it is akin to finding the end of a rainbow or actually seeing a unicorn. You first need to realize, the liberal mindset is focused on a perception of life that comes from either indoctrination, emotions, misunderstanding and/or the belief in an alternate universe.

Bizarro World (c) DC Comics

Bizarro World (c) DC Comics

They like to concentrate their ideas around the belief that they are the only people with answers to the worlds most troubling situations.

One unfortunate reality of this delusion is that they create solutions then seek to define problems that match their agenda. These so called problems are designed to appease and promote the well being of the liberal mindset regardless of their often counter productive ramifications.

The liberal mindset is about controlling the individual or group that hasn’t figured out they can think for themselves.

No matter how stupid, liberals will follow like lemmings or sheep to slaughter. The value system ingrained in the liberal mindset has little to do with a moral, ethical or legal norms because these are often the foundation beliefs of their enemies. They seem to take great pleasure is structuring divisive conditions.

When you discuss right and wrong, a liberal mindset will seek a position that is all about “feelings.”

They discredit anything or anyone who opposes their position based on facts, history, common sense or established procedures. The liberal mindset isn’t content to simply disagree; it is their objective to alter anything that doesn’t fit their distorted view.

Video: Take the liberal challenge — watch this video all the way through without barfing

The liberal mindset has become a religion of personal destruction for any opposing viewpoint. Their views on the importance of family values has radically altered our society.

DC Comics

DC Comics

A liberal mindset is the natural enemy of liberty, personal freedoms, personal accountability and personal responsibility.

The entire concept is embedded in entitlements and a victim mentality. Using these techniques they are able make their believers/followers think they are disenfranchised and need to be taken care of from their exit from the womb till they die. During the course of their lives they will be fighting all the social injustices, obstructions and prejudices they can imagine.

The liberal mindset is a process of convincing the common people they are always underpaid, overworked, discriminated against and should be offended by specific terms.

They have a twisted sense of value and many a lack a basic work ethic. Their hypocritical actions allow them to do things they despise about their perceived enemy but practice freely within their liberal surroundings. They preach equality while lying, cheating and stealing to enrich themselves and destroying the people they expect to provide their lifetime bounty.

Identifying people with a liberal mindset is as simple as observing the destruction and chaos they and their fellow liberals relish. It is about supporting the mindset even when you know it is wrong.

In the liberal mind even life itself has questionable value.

Sid Frasier is president of Electronic Assistance Corporation

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  1. Ronny says:

    Can it b e that Liberals are using Muslims as a long term plan to kill our First Amendment? It occurs to me: We could have a national mood to curb Muslim religious freedom. If that happens, it will be more likely to do the same for Christians.

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