SMU President R. Gerald Turner orders removal of 9/11 flags I’d leave the 9/11 memorial where it is, and move R. Gerald off of the SMU campus forever.

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By Lynn Woolley

We’ve had an eye on R. Gerald for a long time.

He’s the same college president that gave in to about 150 snowflakes at Southern Methodist University back in 2015. Well, he’s back – and it’s not pretty. An SMU group called “Young Americans for Freedom” placed about 3,000 American flags and a sign saying “9/11 – Never Forget” at Dallas Hall Lawn – as they have every year since 2010.

R. Gerald Turner, SMU president since 1995

For whatever reason, R. Gerald came unglued this year.

He’s forcing the Young Americans to move the display to a park that no one sees. The official reason, issued in a July policy statement is — SMU maintains that students have a right to avoid messages that might trigger something that would offend them. Yes – there are some snowflakes at SMU – but not that many. Even the college Democrats oppose moving the flags. But not R. Gerald.

SMU caters to snowflakes.

The July policy statement reads as follows:

“The University respects the right of all members of the SMU community to express their opinions. The University also respects the right of all members of the community to avoid messages that are triggering, harmful or harassing. It is the policy of the University to protect the exercise of these rights.”

By Tuesday afternoon (following the controversy), SMU had revised the written policy as follows:

“SMU respects the rights of all campus community members to express their opinions, as well as their right to be free from coercion and harassment. The policy has been further updated to better reflect this balance and to remove the poor wording regarding triggering or harmful messages.”

Poor wording? Apparently, SMU’s masters, headed up by R. Gerald, are referring to the left-wing language used in the original statement – you know, the blather about “triggering.” That’s language that the general public doesn’t use – but is common on liberal college campuses. R. Gerald is fluent in this type of psychobabble.

So here’s where we stand.

The memorial, with all its “triggering” mechanisms is approved. But it can’t be at the prominent Dallas Hall Lawn. It must be moved to the far less prominent Morrison-McGinnis Park. In the pointed head of R. Gerald, that should please the snowflakes and the patriots alike.

Not bloody likely.

Young Americans for Freedom’s display at SMU

In the first place, there is nothing wrong with the memorial. Everything about it is just right.

Anyone that would be offended by it probably shouldn’t claim the mantle of Americanism. It is comprised of two elements. One is 3,000 small American flags. The other is a sign that reads:

9-11 Never Forget Project.

So where’s the triggering mechanism? Who knows? The “9” in the graphic is shaped like the Pentagon. The “11” looks like the towers of the World Trade Center. The dash between is shaped like a commercial jetliner. Uh oh! This could offend radical Muslims, and those who celebrated on 9/11 when thousands of Americans died.

Strangely enough, R. Gerald is getting a lot of pushback.

Conservatives may legitimately ask the question – who could be against remembering the most evil attack by foreign terrorists in the history of our country? As it turns out, even some left-of-center groups are challenging R. Gerald on that too! Look at this list of campus organizations that sent him a letter expressing frustration with his decision:

• Young Americans for Freedom
• College Democrats
• College Republicans
• Feminist Equality Movement
• Mustangs for Life
• Turning Point USA

Huh? The Feminist Equality Movement has more sense than R. Gerald? Apparently so. Here is a quote from their letter:

“People absolutely have to have a right to their own opinions, but this does not come with a right to be shielded from opposing ideas, especially in an environment dedicated to the learning, sharing and developing of new ideas.”

Grant Wolf of the Young Americans for Freedom says R. Gerald and the SMU masters are attacking free speech:

“I don’t believe it’s the responsibility of the University to shield individuals from certain ideas that they might be offended by.”

Heather Hall, the president of Turning Point USA, is scathing in her criticism of SMU’s masters:

“Push it off into a little park in the corner, it’s almost the same as not having it.”

It sounds like SMU students – even a great deal of the more liberal ones – have a lot more sense than R. Gerald Turner. This weasel has been president of SMU since 1995. If I had my way, I’d leave the 9/11 memorial where it is, and move R. Gerald off of the SMU campus forever.

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