Left-Wing Anarchy and anti-Trump Bigotry can be traced to Academia We must make our universities great again. Let’s call it MUGA – and let’s start the change.

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By Lynn Woolley

You can’t teach left-wing ideology and anti-Americanism in colleges and universities, and then expect students to graduate and become upstanding citizens.

So when you see the Left tossing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of a restaurant, harassing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie, breaking windows at Berkeley to protest free speech – you’re witnessing the fruits of today’s “liberal” education.

Whether it’s journalism professor Robert Jensen at the University of Texas trying to bust the free enterprise system, or the snowflake movement at the University of Missouri, or the removal of statues and symbols related to the Confederacy—it’s all the same.

State Board of Education member Marisa Perez-Diaz speaks to a group of people rallying for the inclusion of Mexican-American studies in public school curriculum outside the Texas Education Agency on April 11, 2018. Laura Skelding

Academia in general conditions students that they have a “right” to take to the streets and be nasty to anyone who disagrees with leftist ideology.

Robert Jensen at UT/Austin.

Jensen is a so-called journalism professor who makes the case that the American free enterprise system should be torn down. He also decried the “paternalistic” society that we have created – essentially hating masculinity.

College movements: anti-free-speech & the right not to be offended.

The University of California at Berkeley, one the home of the free speech movement, is now just the opposite. If you’re a conservative, you will; be shouted down and the campus may burn.

University of Texas Tower

At Mizzou, students pioneered the idea that the Left may not be offended. That’s called the “Snowflake Movement,” and it holds that students are tender people who must retreat to “safe spaces” when someone has an opposing thought. This led to the idea that, since slavery was wrong, all vestiges of the Confederacy must be removed in an Orwellian way – dumping much of history into a Memory Hole.

Departments of “Inclusion.”

Most universities have one of these – an entire – and well-funded – department designed to EXCLUDE anyone that disagree with the idea that diversity is our newest religion. The heads of these departments are always minorities and are always leftist. There is no inclusion for white, straight males or for females that disagree.

They are really departments of left-wing thought. If colleges REALLY wanted to be inclusive, they would adhere to their mission statements that they do not discriminate on the basis of race or gender. The so-called departments prove that they indeed, do discriminate.

Trump derangement has exacerbated left-wing violence. 

“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (If only they still believed this.)

College professors condition students that they must never be offended – and then Trump gets elected.

Since I’m sure that professors – speaking of them in general – had assured their students that Hillary Clinton would win, imagine the offense taken when trump won.

If a mere statue of Robert E. Lee offended a student – imagine what they must have thought when Trump beat Hillary. It must have been like arrow through the heart. They were offended. No, they were OFFENDED.

Students that could not stand to have a conservative on campus found themselves confronted with a president that they disagreed with on everything.

Back to what they’ve been taught: what could they do but object at every turn? Remember, they MUST not be offended. They must get their way. They’ve been taught to hate conservative ideology. So they burn things. They throw rocks through windows. They march in the streets. They throw people out of restaurants and movies, they harass people at their homes.

Robert Jensen

Colleges and universities are the cause of this.

What is the answer?

The answer is to change our schools – and we have to start now.

Back at Travis Junior High, I had a teacher who taught me how to accept an introduction. She explained a proper handshake and the response of “how do you do?” – and said nothing else is acceptable. Not “glad to meet you” or “pleased to make your acquaintance” – only “how do you do?” So that’s what I say – and have said for years.

I had another teacher who taught me not to abbreviate “Texas.” She thought Texas was too important to be renders as “Tex.” Or “TX.” She thought we ought to proudly spell it out.

Those were real teachers that instilled a pride in America and our state. But then, those were the days when feminism meant ladylike and being a man meant protecting your family and earning a living. Those days are so gone.

So if we want to stop the snowflakes and anarchists from destroying the country, we have to change our schools – particularly our colleges and universities. In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has the power to appoint regents to come state schools. No matter how it’s done, we must stop the practice of rewarding big, left-wing donors with regents positions. We need people who will put a stop to the far-left slide of our colleges.

Gov. Abbott

Big universities are so concerned with pleasing other academics and becoming a “Tier One” research school (who really cares?) that they have lost sight of what makes America great.

Mr. Trump was elected to Make America Great Again. Middle America, especially, see the culture rot in our society—that stems largely from our big colleges.

We must change them. We have to bring in right-wing professors as a counterbalance. We must get regents and trustees that will tilt the balance back to American values. We must make our universities great again. Let’s call it MUGA – and let’s start the change. Right now.


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