Belton High School naming controversy provides much needed hilarity Imagine two sets of Belton Tigers – both in red – playing each other in football.

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By Lynn Woolley

I admit it. I’m thoroughly enjoying this story.

The original Belton High School, Belton, Texas

Normally, I would not pay much attention to the naming of a new high school. But the school board in Belton, Texas is making the process too much fun to ignore.

You’d expect the controversy to be over naming the school after some historical figure such as Robert E. Lee or Ronald Reagan.

But that’s not it.

It’s about whether to give the new school the same name, mascot and colors as the existing school. Belton schools have this thing about all their campuses being called “Tigers” with red and white colors. If the new high school is also Belton High, and is also the Tigers – the ensuing confusion may not be as funny as the current naming controversy.

Imagine two sets of Belton Tigers – both in red – playing each other in football. On the other hand, if they’d teach American exceptionalism, who cares?

“Keep Belton Weird.” 

Belton’s “Tiger Field” would have prefect end-zone copy for both sets of Tigers.

Someone posted that little takeoff on Austin’s unofficial slogan on my Facebook page. Most of the time it’s not true. Austin, in its politics, is downright bizarre.

But Belton is bucolic – a slice of the American mainland. Its quaint downtown with a knockout historical courthouse, meandering Nolan Creek, and a nice museum is a pleasure to visit. Nearby, the University of Mary Hardin Baylor is as pretty a small college as you’ll find.

So Belton’s weirdness stems mostly from the idea of having Belton High School on one side of town and Belton High School on the other.

That this is even being discussed is weird. School Board President Randy Pittenger has already made it clear that this idea of “shared identity” is not feasible. Of the names mentioned as mascots, he says “Tigers” will not make the cut.

“The one [name] I would eliminate would be Tigers. I’ve researched it, and, statewide, nationally – I can’t see a duplication of a second high school following along with the mascot or colors… I like the ‘Belton Memorial Patriots.’”

That, at least, makes sense – assuming the school is named “Belton Memorial High School.”

This helmet logo could work — for both high schools!

“Memorial High” might be a way around the current PC fad of dishonoring our Founding Fathers, Framers and Confederate generals. But if the “memorial” name is designed to honor war veterans, Mr. Pittenger might as well get ready for a backlash. After all, some of those veterans fought for the Confederacy.

We know “Robert E. Lee High School” is out, and I suppose, “Ronald Regan High School”– my personal choice – is out, too. Reagan was a conservative and schools boards are not going to go there.

The Board may very well decide – in October – to name the school North Belton High or some such banality – all complicated by the fact that this Belton school is in Temple. If they’re going to go with a directional or location name – that’s a cop-out. Name it after a great American or great Texan – or stick with simply the other Belton High School.

Football games at Belton vs Belton would be fun to call. 

Here’s a sample of how it might sound:

Welcome to Tiger Stadium in Belton, Texas where tonight the undefeated Belton Tigers, 2 and oh, are taking on the Belton Tigers, a team that enters the game at oh and 2. The Tigers are wearing their customary red and white uniforms with the stylized “B” on their helmets. The Belton Tigers are decked out in white with red trim and the stylized “B” on their helmets. The Tigers will kick into the wind. Damian Johnson takes the ball at the ten-yard line and gets it back to the 25 where he’s tackled in a sea of Tigers. Here come the Tigers to the line of scrimmage. The Tigers offensive line is not expected to be a match for the Tigers’ defensive line. By the way, most football prognosticators predict that the Belton Tigers will win this game.

And so it would go.

For total “shared identity,” both teams could actually be dominant red with white trim. Why not? Just so long as Tigers win. If this all sounds silly, that’s because it is. Liberals have made “identity politics” famous – but this takes the cake. This new school deserves a brand of its own. I could live with the Belton Memorial High School Patriots. But I don’t live in the district and I have no say.

Former KCEN-TV news anchor Rev. Roscoe Harrison (TDT News)

Even so, I urge the BISD to reflect on this: the current PC fad of dishonoring most all American heroes outside of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will pass. Someday, we’ll come to our senses, remember history, and understand that no one (outside of Jesus and Tom Landry) has ever been perfect.

So I’m back to Ronald Reagan as the honoree for the schools name. Since that is highly unlikely in the liberal world of school districts – here’s another thought.

Belton used to have a black high school named “Harris High.” One of its students went on to become a journalist, TV news anchor, and a pastor. He made a difference in the lives of young blacks that wanted to be on TV. And now, he ministers to a congregation. So why not?

Why not Roscoe Harrison High School?

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