Baylor study labels Trump supporters Conservative The study essentially confirms that we are Deplorables and Bitter Clingers.

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By Lynn Woolley

As polls go, this one may be more accurate than those that predicted the defeat of Brexit or the victory of Hillary Clinton.

Fifteen sociologists hired Gallup to survey 1,500 random adults.

The results indicate that Trump supporters are pro-Christian, anti-Islam, anti-feminist, anti-globalist, and have anti-government attitudes. They tend to believe in God, and place a high value on traditional gender roles. They are not high on the LGBTQ agenda.

I am shocked! Shocked!  

Dr. Paul Froese is a professor of sociology and a research fellow for the Institute for Studies of Religion.

Left-wing Baylor professors have discovered that Trump supporters are conservatives! Professor Paul Froese, in a preemptive move, stated that Trump supporters seem not to believe in research, so they may not accept this wonderful new study. Gee, who’d think we’d not believe every word from an “expert” such the professor. Poor Baylor. First the sex scandal. Now this.

The fifteen Baylor sociologists wrote a report. You can tell a lot just by how they named it:

“American Values, Mental Health and Using Technology in the Age of Trump”

Even the title of the study shows an anti-Trump bias. The study essentially confirms that we are Deplorables and Bitter Clingers.

It goes to show that even religion-based universities are left of center.

Baylor University in Waco

Here is my first clue.

Dr. Froese used climate change as an example to show how Trump supporters rely on emotion, rather than empirical data. In other words, if you don’t believe in climate change, you’re a right-wing dolt.

Froese, on the other hand, is right in line with climate change groupthink. That makes me wonder if he believes a man can be surgically changed into a woman. (That, of course, is not possible.) He also attacks those who do not believe in evolution. I happen to believe that there is evidence that the human body has evolved – but I think the big bang theory is a sham that is easily debunked.

Consensus does not make something true; facts do. While there is vestigial evidence of evolution (and a fossil record), there is not much, except computer models, to base the global warming fear mongering on. So good for conservatives for being skeptical. It is often skepticism that leads to great scientific discoveries.

The professor, obviously emotional over climate change, calls conservatives emotional. But this is typical of the left.

What else does the report say about Trump supporters?

• 74 percent view Islam as a threat. (18 percent of Hillary voters do.)
• 81 percent agree with Trump that Middle Eastern refugees are a threat. (12 percent of Hillary voters do.)
• 63 percent believe in traditional gender roles (men bringing home the bacon and women as nurturing). (74 percent of Hillary voters do not support traditional gender roles.)
• 7 percent of Trump voters support the LGBTQ agenda. (82 percent of Hillary voters do.)

Professor Froese sees this as a polarization that culminated in the Charlottesville riot over a statue removal. He stated to the Waco Tribune-Herald:

“An indication of that is public incivility. Like the neo-Nazi marches, that, to me, is an expression of incivility. You’re going out there and expressly trying to cause fear and hatred. Clearly, Trump, the way he talks about people and insults people is very uncivil.”

What is clear is that Professor Froese, as a liberal academic, is speaking through the filter of his own limited vision and rampant, left-wing emotions. Among the things he ignores:

White supremacists & neo-Nazis are not conservatives. The term actually means “new socialists,” which is closer in ideology to leftists.
• Just because white supremacists voted for Trump does not mean that Trump supports their cause.
• Many non-racist groups also support the cause of keeping the statues.
• “Incivility,” as the professor describes it, almost entirely emanates from the Left, as we see at Berkeley and the scene of other riots.
• It is groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Occupy Wall Street that attempt to cause fear and hatred.
• Trump’s incivility is matched and sometimes overmatched by left-wing flamethrowers like Maxine Waters, Luis Gutierrez, Jorge Ramos, and sometimes by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The rest of the polling results are a study of the obvious.

Trump ran as a conservative – and, yes – his supporters are conservatives who believe that American has a culture and values that are worth saving. They voted for him praying, literally, that he could protect and preserve the America they grew up in. They believe it is the last, best hope of the world.

President Obama attempted to defenestrate American exceptionalism, and he was successful to a point. He took over the courts and the healthcare system, and elevated the LGBTQ agenda. He believed in Big Government, globalism, and climate change.

As the survey shows, Trump supporters hired the President to turn Obama’s agenda around and to take it back to the traditional values that made us great! For these Baylor professors to accurately assess the data they collected, close to half of them would have to be right of center.

At any major university, that’s not very likely.

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