Muslim Writer Says Huma Should be Left Alone even if RADICAL Writer Argues Telling Truth about Radicals Causes ISLAMOPHOBIA

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By Ben Barrack

Feyaad Allie: Huma should be protected, even if she is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.

Feyaad Allie: Huma should be protected, even if she is a Muslim Brotherhood agent.

“…discussions of a Muslim political figures’ connection to extremists—true or not—has an impact on how the public views Muslims.” – Feyaad Allie

A young Muslim writer has come to the defense of Huma Abedin. He says that she should be left alone, even if she is Muslim Brotherhood because calling attention to it causes more Islamophobia.

If a KKK Grand Kleagle defended a KKK Grand Dragon, would you care? Wouldn’t such a thing help make the case against the Grand Dragon? Yet, every time a Muslim defends close Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin, the same thing happens.

How would you react if a KKK spokesman said people should stop calling attention to its actions because it causes KKK-phobia?

Muslim Writer Undermines his own Credibility by Defending Huma

Allie writes for the Huffington Post and has come rushing to Huma’s defense. Based on what is irrefutably known about Huma, Allie’s defense of her is a self-indictment.

In his first paragraph, Allie bemoans Huma’s treatment in recent stories:

The headlines were concerning whether Abedin had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and “worked at a radical Muslim journal for dozens of years.” While sources fact-checked these statements and determined their falsity, politicians who support Donald Trump have used this “extremist connection” rhetoric against Abedin.

The ‘fact-checking’ to which Allie refers has already been given four Pinocchios. Allie links to a Washington Post article by Glenn Kessler that is full of… well… falsity in its defense of Huma.

Feyaad Allie in front of his "chart"

Feyaad Allie in front of his “chart”

Allie Defends Stealth Jihadist London Mayor

Allie then defends another Islamic Grand Dragon, the mayor of London:

Similarly, when London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan was running for office, his opponent Zac Goldsmith accused Khan of having ties with extremists in Britain. While this did not cost Khan the election, it did tap into anti-Muslim feelings amongst voters and further exacerbated Islamophobic opinions.

The fact is that Khan is a stealth jihadist who DOES support and defend the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2004, he actually was part of a group that invited the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi to Great Britain. At the time, Khan was a leader with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and stood by al-Qaradawi. Al-Qaradawi was banned from the U.S. in 1999 for his support of terrorism.

Any attempt by a Muslim to defend Sadiq Khan is an indictment of that Muslim because Khan is a stealth jihadist.

Allie Says Pointing Out Jihadists Causes Islamophobia

A bit later in his screed, Allie actually concedes that Huma and Khan may be stealth jihadists. He then argues people shouldn’t call them out for it:

Rhetoric claiming a Muslim’s link to extremism exacerbates Islamophobia. Whether it’s in news headlines or coming directly from politicians, discussions of a Muslim political figures’ connection to extremists—true or not—has an impact on how the public views Muslims.

True or not? This is where Allie’s youth gets him into trouble. He just admitted that he would write the same article even if Huma and Khan are stealth jihadists.

Guess what, Feyaad. They are.

The case against Huma is open/shut at this point. Anyone who defends her must be one of two things. Either the defender is completely ignorant or an apparatchik. In the case of Allie, he must almost necessarily be the latter. He is a Muslim. Any supposed ‘moderate’ Muslim would reject Huma. That he does not indicates Allie is part of the Islamic propaganda structure.

One look at the list of Huma’s defenders says all you need to know. It’s comprised of liberals, Muslims and even prominent Republican figures who have been compromised.

Allie is part of a new generation of Muslim millennials who have learned from the mistakes of their elders. It’s very rare today to spot Muslims his age (early twenties) who openly admit to belonging to the Muslim Students Association (MSA). One of the reasons for this is that the MSA – like the KKK – has been rightly outed and stigmatized. The MSA is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is financed by wealthy Saudis with the help of the Muslim World League (MWL).


Huma was actually on the Board of her MSA branch at George Washington University (GWU) in the 1990’s, about the time Allie was born. Huma could not have seen that coming back to bite her but it has. Consequently, Allie’s generation has to be more careful.

The COEXIST Movement

One of the pseudo-righteous movements that has been given life by liberals and Muslims is the desire for religions to ‘COEXIST’. Allie is a recent graduate of Dartmouth – and is already writing for the Huffington Post. On the University’s website, Allie is featured on a page entitled, ‘Coexisting at Dartmouth’. In it, Allie talks about being a Muslim. It’s funny though that as part of the Muslim Brotherhood (her mother is a Muslim Sisterhood leader), Huma’s family belongs to a movement that rejects all religions except Islam. If Allie truly is a moderate Muslim (the term itself is a misnomer), he would reject Abedin, not defend her.


On that Dartmouth webpage, Allie talked about practicing Islam:

Feyaad Allie ’16 grew up in a Muslim family and continues to practice on campus. Although he has found Dartmouth’s climate “very accepting,” he shies away from discussing the specifics of his religious observance, because he said it can come off as didactic or preachy.

“If you talk about it in a general sense and how it affects your daily life, it’s very much focused on you,” Allie said…

…As his sophomore summer rounds the corner, Allie is already considering the arrangements he must make to observe the major Muslim holiday of Ramadan, a month of fasting that begins June 28. Allie will fast during daylight hours, all while balancing classes and a social life.

Part of the observance entails eating before sunrise and right at daybreak — two times when most campus dining halls don’t usually offer food. However, the College will allow students observing Ramadan to go to FoCo before the sun rises, Allie said.

“I plan to fast, but maybe not for all 30 days,” Allie said. He may also take classes fewer days a week to ease the fasting, he said.

It sounds like if there were a MSA chapter on Dartmouth’s campus that Allie would have fit right in. Did he? Was he a member? If not, will he renounce it?

It’s hard to tell when visiting the Alumni page of the Dartmouth University’s MSA chapter because… well… it’s blank:

Dartmouth MSA webpage. No Alums?

Dartmouth MSA webpage. No Alums?

Siddiqui: MSA member and Huma Defender.

Siddiqui: MSA member and Huma Defender.

Earlier this year, another young Muslim named Sabrina Siddiqui came to Huma’s defense as well. Like Allie, Siddiqui would have been a perfect candidate as a member of the MSA. There were indications that she did belong to Northwestern University’s chapter, though references were a bit vague.

The U.S. better start preparing for a new generation of stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadists. In 2004, they were exposed when authorities discovered the Explanatory Memorandum written in 1991. It identified all the Muslim Brotherhood front groups operating in the U.S. Muslims in the U.S. are starting to employ the Doctrine of Balance when joining groups like the MSA.

We need to be prepared for stealth jihadists that don’t outwardly join such groups. Some may even change their name to sound more western. They certainly like to alter the spelling of their Muslim names.

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