Adults should take control of Texas State University or shut it down The problem occurs when students actually take this diversity agenda seriously and act upon it.

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By Lynn Woolley

The inmates, as they say, are in charge of the asylum. At Texas State, a college of about 39,000 students in San Marcos, they have a president, a board of trustees and so on – all, presumably adults.

But the adults have lost control. Late last year, a student named Rudy Martinez published an op-ed in the school paper entitled:

“Your DNA is an abomination.”

The column suggested “white death” will mean liberation for all and that whites should…

“…accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor.”

This type of racist rant in a college newspaper should be unacceptable.

University President Denise Trauth said so. So take control of your campus. The students are there to learn – not to start race wars. If you can’t control them, then it may be time to close the place down.

Rudy Martinez is a real piece of work.

He’s having a feud with Student Body President Connor Clegg, who’s now been accused of posting images on social media that some TS students find racist. He says they were mistakes made when he was in high school. He also says that editors of the campus newspaper, the University Star should be fired and funding revoked because they published the Martinez screed.

Rudy Martinez isn’t backing down. (Why should he? The students are running the place.) He says the wrote the column to…

“… grab young white students and throw them into an arena of cognitive dissonance…”

The idea is apparently to make them question their position as a white person in America. I don’t know whether President Trauth is white, but I know what “her place” should be. She ought to kick Martinez’s racist rear end off campus and have him arrested if he ever comes back.

Connor Clegg (Austin American Statesman)

On the other hand, can you blame Martinez for buying into the current “white privilege” mania that permeates organizations like Black Lives Matter – and much of the college agenda?

You should see the garbage being taught by Dr. Pam Midgett (PhD) at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls.

This left-wing course entitled “Human Diversity” is a study in racial/multicultural indoctrination.

Get a load of the so-called “core content & skills” that this course teaches:

Core Content:

  1. Explain concepts such as diversity, stereotype, lifestyles, class, racism, sexism, sensitivity, tolerance, etc.
  2. Critically examine minority group contributions to American society.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of the cultural experience of ethnic/diverse groups other than his/her own
  4. Understand what is involved in developing wholesome self-identities
  5. Evidence awareness and justification of the need and value of multiculturalism
  6. Distinguish similarities and differences among majority and minority cultures
  7. Recognize communication patterns in self and others that enhances or inhibits the communication process
  8. Synthesize the communication patterns of diverse populations and how they relate to interpersonal relations
  9. Summarize scholarly resources related to diversity

Core Skills:

  1. To learn to respond appropriately to diverse needs
  2. To learn to apply concern for diversity in professional and social environments
  3. To communicate and work effectively with diverse groups
  4. To develop a vision of society that promotes the success of all members, based on relevant knowledge and theories
  5. To demonstrate the ability to combine impartiality, sensitivity to diversity, and ethical consideration in interactions with others
  6. To develop multicultural awareness, gender sensitivity, and ethnic appreciation in the community
  7. To develop responsiveness to diverse sociological, linguistic, cultural, and other factors
  8. To serve as an advocate
  9. To demonstrate the ability to analyze the complex causes of poverty and other disadvantages and their effects

Learning Activities: class discussion, lecture, guided reading, guest speakers, case study, peer practice, experiential learning, debate

The title of the textbook pretty much says it all:

Everyday Diversity: Developing Cultural Competency and Information Awareness (Preliminary Edition) Edited by Angela Cartwright and Emily Reeves

So can we really blame Martinez and others like him for carrying through with what they are taught in their own college classrooms? The problem occurs when students actually take this diversity agenda seriously and then act upon it.

Pam Midgett PhD (Linked In)

President Trauth and UT President Greg Fenves and other university honchos should take notice.

You guys, along with your chancellors and your regents, are the adults. You are in charge. Not only should you control the young adults on your campus that act more like children, you also should put a stop to divisive courses such as the one taught by Dr. Midgett at Midwestern State.

The editors at the Texas State University Star newspaper apologized and said Martinez would no longer be allowed to write for the paper. Well and good. But Martinez, in all his racist fervor, is not the problem. The problem is what you teach at your hallowed places of learning. The problem is that you lack control of your own campuses.

The problem is you. And if you, as a university president or regent, can’t fix the diversity problem that you have created, some taxpayers may justifiably wish to shut you down.

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