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Texas Abortion Leader Finds Nazi-Like Cruelty at the U.S. Border but not at Planned Parenthood in her Home

by John Pisciotta

At a recent board meeting of Pro-Life Waco, I proposed a billboard comparing abortion in Waco to the cruelty of Nazi Germany. Board members gently questioned my approach and I reluctantly went on to the next agenda item. The moralizing guest column in the Waco Tribune-Herald [1]by Laraine DuPuy (July 13, 2019) compels me to compare abortion in the U. S. to mass killings in Nazi Germany.

Ms. DuPuy attempts to take the moral high ground by alleging that the immigrant detention camps at the U. S. southern border are equivalent to Nazi concentration camps.

DuPuy writes:

“Film footage taken after the allies liberated Dachau shows Germans with tears streaming down their faces as they viewed with stunned disbelief the dead and the broken bodies of those who inhabited Dachau, which was literally in their backyard just a few kilometers from Munich.”

The U.S. border comparison to Nazi Germany is fairly common these days. What is noteworthy is that the column’s moral instruction comes from a founding board member of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. (This fact is omitted from her credits at the end of the editorial.)

PPGT is headquartered in Austin and operates an abortion branch facility in Waco at 700 W. HWY 6—almost in Laraine DuPuy’s backyard and mine. 

Ms. DuPuy has long supported Planned Parenthood and unfettered access to abortion on the Waco Trib editorial page.

Since she likened current atrocities at the U. S. border to Nazi Germany, I will compare abortion to realities of Nazi Germany. The number killed by abortion since Roe v Wade in the United States is 60 million, at least triple the German Holocaust. Today, Planned Parenthood’s market share in the U.S. abortion industry is 30% and increasing over time.

Here in Waco, more than 20,000 preborn innocents have died under DuPuy’s board member oversight. More specifically, every other week, PPGT flies Dr. Nicola Louise Moore from Massachusetts to Waco to administer abortions on Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday.

The precise number of abortions–and moms left wounded–is not known outside of Planned Parenthood.

We estimate 40 to 60 lives lost on alternating weeks. This is over 1,000 deaths inflicted each year at a location near where we worship, shop, and receive real healthcare.

For the preborn babies destroyed on-site at Planned Parenthood Waco, their defenseless bodies are suddenly torn apart and removed with a high-power suction tube. And then there are RU-486 abortions. A combination of two drugs force a “miscarriage,” with fetal demise likely happening in the mother’s residence.

The movie Unplanned [2] portrays each of the two types of abortion performed at Planned Parenthood Waco not far from Providence Hospital. The movie tells the story of Bryan, Texas abortion center manager Abby Johnson’s conversion to 100% pro-life. Abby witnessed shocking violence by ultrasound–as the residents of Munich saw brutality walking through the Dachau death camp. When the movie is released to DVD and streaming in August, you can see for yourself what happens in your hometown. Don’t turn a blind eye.

Ms. DuPuy last paragraph begins with soaring rhetoric:

“The crushing weight of history will one day render a verdict in all of this.”

Yes, and there is also a verdict to be rendered on Central Texans for what has happened at Planned Parenthood Waco to babies in the womb for over two decades. Judgement awaits the providers and ardent supporters of abortion. Likewise, there will be an accounting for those understood the evil of abortion, could have used their freedom to opposite it, but did not.

Continuing, DuPuy writes:

“Unless we join together to find positive solutions to this tragedy, our children’s children will hang their heads, in shame, disbelief and sadness knowing that we stood by and did nothing.”

This statement is astounding coming from a leader of the Texas abortion industry. If Central Texans passively check out on the seething wound of abortions in our midst, many of our children and children’s children will not be alive to experience shame and disbelief.

I ask you to join the growing remnant that will one-day celebrate the end to abortion in McLennan County.

Until that day comes, we will be there to rescue babies and moms endangered by Planned Parenthood as the weeks go by. In particular, I warmly invite moms and dads who suffer from abortions in their families.

Dr. John Pisciotta is Director of Pro-Life  Waco
www.prolifewaco.com [3]
prolifewaco@gmail.com [4]