Oregon Democrats legislate pure evil with Abortion law The Party of Compassion in the United States is definitely NOT the Democrats.

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By Lynn Woolley

The Party of Compassion in the United States is definitely NOT the Democrats.

In fact, the new Oregon abortion law is so mortifying that you’d think even some Democrats would oppose it. But the vote, as we often hear, went along party lines.

Oregon State Capitol

This disgusting new law was apparently retaliation against Republicans that have tried to defund the anti-life organization Planned Parenthood. The bill requires insurance agencies to cover abortions at no cost to the woman. People with no insurance, including women who are illegal aliens, will have their babies destroyed through the Oregon Medicaid program.

What sets the Oregon bill apart is that women can abort their babies at any time, for any reason – including sex-selection. Late term abortions are fully covered. If this is not the face of evil staring right at us – what is? Oregon has politicized life itself.

It is hard to imagine liberal Oregon and Texas in the same county. 

This makes me want to secede. I simply have nothing in common with people in a state that

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

would make unborn children – Oregon’s future citizens – no better than garbage under this new law. Of course, left-wing governor Kate Brown is on board after the State Senate passed the bill 17-13 along party lines.

When Democrats get even they kill babies.

We mentioned Planned Parenthood, but Oregon Dems were also mad about GOP attempts to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act – which includes minimum coverage for birth control and other reproductive services. So Oregon legislators with a “D” beside their names decided – hell! – we’ll take it out on unborn babies.

Democrats are happy to kill them early, or late – and force taxpayers (including those who are pro-life) to pay the tab – and, they even threw in an extra $500,000 to expand free reproductive coverage (including abortions) to immigrant women who otherwise would be ineligible and might have to actually have their babies.

Oregon’s Medicaid program already spends almost $2 million annually to pay for about 3,500 abortions in the state.

Monitors in a hospital room, generic. (AP Photo/Whitney Curtis)

It must be easy to be a conscience-free Democrat.

I’ve had with with them. They worry about such things as “equality” and climate change – but when it comes to life…make that LIFE – they don’t care. We’re not talking about babies that have defects while still in the womb (such as a hole in the heart) – or women who might face health problems with a pregnancy.

We’re talking about healthy women carrying healthy babies. Democrats in Oregon have made it a simple matter to kill those children.

But then it was a Democrat that held up a mock severed head of Donald Trump. It was a Democrat who fired shots at Republicans at a baseball practice, critically injuring Rep. Steve Scalise. It was a Democrat who wore a “pussy” hat while discussing her thoughts of burning down the White House. It is a network headed up by a far left-wing Democrat that presents primetime panels attacking the sitting President of the United States night after night. It is Democrats who suppress speech on college campuses and become violent at the thought of opposing viewpoints.

But of all the nasty and not-compassionate things that Democrats do, killing innocent babies in the womb is the most repulsive.

Shame on Oregon.


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